It’s always wonderfully exciting to work on this post because I get to find a bunch of new books that I’m really excited to read. In the past, it just came down to what I stumbled across and here I actually make a concerted effort to find the best books to add to my TBR. A few of these books are sequels on here because I have the first novel on my TBR, but the one I’m most excited for is the very last book on this list.

a thousand perfect notesI’ve had A Thousand Perfect Notes by C.G. Drews on my TBR for an incredibly long time. And it’s entirely because of Twitter and Goodreads. If I hadn’t stumbled upon Drews’ online presence and reviews, I likely never would have bothered with this book probably because I never would have known that it existed. And, if truth be told, it’s only a story that vaguely interests me. I’m pretty picky with the sort of contemporary novels that I read since I know I personally will not enjoy all of them. It’s happened quite a lot in the past. So, while I definitely have this book on my TBR, I have no expectations to really enjoy it. Which is likely why I haven’t picked it up just yet.

rageRage by Cora Carmack is another perfect example of a novel added to my TBR solely because I want to read the first book in the series. It’s a fantasy novel that centers around a world in which the people in power can control the storms of the world and the first novel in the series just sounded so amazing. It was actually the first book I ever featured for my blogger support feature, which was really exciting. I found the review and instantly wanted to read the book, so I knew it was one that I would have to share with everyone. As for this book, once I finally get around to reading the first of the series, I’ll be sure to pick this one up asap.

reaper at the gatesAnother sequel book and another one that I saw all over the internet for quite some time before adding it to my TBR is Reaper at the Gates by Sabaa Tahir. Ironically, I’d wanted to read the first book in the series for a while but I had no clue at first that this book was actually part of that series when I saw it. I’d initially believed this was a standalone novel and so hadn’t really thought to add it until I realized that it was part of the the series, and then onto the TBR it went. I’m not one hundred percent sure what this book is about, but if the series is well-written, you can bet I’ll be reading it eventually. 

eden conqueredI have some misgivings about Eden Conquered by Joelle Charbonneau largely because I am not sure how much I like this author. With that said, the premise does sound incredibly interesting. This is the second book in the series wherein brothers are forced to fight each other in order to determine who would be the best fit as a ruler of the kingdom. So, whether or not this book remains on my TBR or ever makes to my read list is entirely dependent on how good the first book in the series is. So, we’ll see. Hopefully I’ll enjoy this one more than I did Charbonneau’s other novels.

sometime after midnightSometime After Midnight by L. Philips sounds like one of the most adorable modernized Cinderella stories I’ve ever heard of and I so desperately want to get myself a copy right this instant. When Nate and Cameron meet in a club, they hit it off instantly. But when Nate makes his escape upon learning that Cameron is the son of the owner of a record label that had destroyed his father’s career, Cameron only has a photo of Nate’s fantastic-looking shoes at his disposal to help him find the amazing guy he met. So, with his sister’s viral Instagram, Cameron has the photo posted in order to find the guy of his dreams. You can’t tell me that, after reading this synopsis, you don’t want to immediately go out and buy this book. It just sounds so cute and amazing. And basically…I need it.

And there you have it. What are your thoughts on these books? Will you be adding any of them to your TBR? Do you not like any of them? Let me know in the comments!

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