no one here is lonelyNo One Here is Lonely by Sarah Everett sounds like a story straight out of Black Mirror. In fact, one of the episodes of Black Mirror had this very story, though I imagine the whole thing likely was a lot darker than this YA novel is bound to be. But still, everything about this book sounds like an amazing read. There’s a lot to be said for these imagined programs that allow you to talk to the dead, how the grieving process can become snarled into this nasty and unhealthy mess all because it prevents the person from learning to move on and let go. And it’s such an interesting concept, really. At the end of the day, can something like this truly help someone move on or is it more likely to create toxic environments that prevent healing?

And so, in a story where a young girl loses a crush to death and a friend from a fight, it’s no wonder that she turns to a program that will allow her someone she can talk to. But how far and how much of her life should she spend attached to this ghost of her now deceased friend? How helpful is the program in the end? And what can she do in order to truly work through her grief? I’m really curious to find out.

This book is one that I feel has a lot of potential, so it’s definitely found a spot on my TBR. But what do you think? Is this a book you’ll want to read? Is it one you’ll pass up? Let me know in the comments!

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