hocus pocusWelcome back, everyone, for another blogger support feature where I show off a review from another amazing bookblogger and this week I’m excited to be featuring Aisling @ This Dream’s Alive. As a book blogger, Aisling has all the posts you’d expect from your typical book lover but also has the wonderful addition of discussing eco-friendly living which I couldn’t help finding amazing. Many of her blog posts revolve around how to be ecologically conscious. In fact, Aisling is part of Ethical Influencers, something I was really excited to get a chance to check out.

I’ve decided to feature a review this week for a book that I’ve wanted to read for a while now, but simply haven’t gotten to due to the fact that I have a TBR a miles and miles long. Hocus Pocus and the All-New Sequel by A. W. Jantha (and I agree, it’s an awful title). I loved reading Aisling’s thoughts on the book and the changes that she imagined for the characters. It definitely made me a little more excited to pick up the novel when I get the chance. Oh, and I’m pretty sure, despite some opinions on the matter, that there is going to be a film sequel or revamp at some point. My understanding was that it’s in the works.

“…a good enganging story, and they pulled off bringing Hocus Pocus into the modern age well. Furthermore it did a great job with representation…”

Drop by Aisling’s blog to check out some of her amazing posts. She’s even got a review for a book that was written by Tim Burton that you could check out!

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