And now that the week has finally come to a close, here’s a brief look at all the books I read this past week. I’m still currently working on my review for The Princess and the Fangirl–which was fantastic, by the way–so keep an eye out for that in the future. I have to say, of all the books that I read this week the happiest surprise was My Lucky Day which I found at work and found myself giggling at quite a lot when the ending came. And I mean, it’s got a fox in it so of course, I couldn’t resist picking it up.

I won’t say that this was my best week for books, but it was definitely a good one. In fact, writing a review for If Only it Were True this week prompted me to rewatch one of my all-time favorite movies which I consider a night well spent.

King of Fools [Amanda Foody]
Baby Bird [Andrew Gibbs]

A short list of reviews I wrote this week:

If Only it Were True [Marc Levy]
Once in a Forest [Adriana Pernetz]
Literary Places [Sarah Baxter]
The Everlasting Rose [Dhonielle Clayton]Stop Looking at Your Phone [Son of Alan]

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