the 5th waveI was lucky enough almost two years ago to have happened across a box set of this series in a used book store and I always meant to read and review all three of the books, but I only managed to do so with the first two. I can’t recall what had me drop the last book, but I can say that I did really enjoy the first two novels. I think, of all the books that talk about aliens, this is one of the ones that does it best.

The characters in this book are phenomenal in so many ways. When a UFO appears in the sky, the end of the world comes in waves. Every attack is deeply calculated and determined in order to best decimate the human population occupying Earth. For Cassie and Ben, their lives have changed in such monumental ways and learning who to trust and who to fight against is the hardest battle either of them will ever face. When you can’t tell who is the enemy and who is a friend, can you really trust anyone?

I adored this book and if you’re interested in giving this book a read, I’d definitely suggest checking out my review and then popping over to Goodreads to add it to your TBR. It’s one of the most phenomenal and emotional books I’ve ever had the pleasure to read and I think everyone should get a chance to experience it.

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