phoenix awakensAnd we’re back for another cover love Friday! This is still my favorite post series in the world and I’m super excited to be sharing this newest one with you. Phoenix Awakens, the first book in The Phoenix series by Eliza Nolan has one of those breathtakingly grabbing covers that manages to grab your eyes instantaneously and never let them go. I can definitely say that if I saw this book in Barnes and Noble, I wouldn’t even hesitate to pull it off the shelf and find out what it’s about. For me, this one is incredibly captivating and I think the first piece of it comes down to the colors.

The first thing that really catches your eye about this cover is the red phoenix border. Ironically, that is the one piece of the cover that I don’t like. It feels too different from the rest of the cover and is ultimately incredibly distracting, which is perhaps why this book is highly likely to grab a passersby’s attention. Still, if it were up to me I would probably remove it or at least make the color a little dimmer. The dark city of the background sharply contrasts the brightness of the rest of the cover, dragging you into the world slowly, but making you feel excited for what’s to come.

The true gem of this cover, however, ironically is the actual gem in the center, tethered around the book cover with the strings of a necklace. It’s an absolutely gorgeous stone with metal and leaves encircling the red hue. Even more eye-catching is the girl in the middle, hair blown to the side as she looks out into a distance we can’t quite see. I’ve always loved covers that have characters encased in some sort of bubble and this one is no exception.

What are your thoughts on this cover? Is it one you like? Love? Hate? Do you think it’d grab your attention in a bookshop? Let me know in the comments!

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