And last week seems to have been an incredibly productive week for me, getting through a grand total of eight books! I don’t think next week will be quite the same, but one can always hope, can’t they? I’m pretty proud of myself and, in truth, I actually wrote more reviews than just the three for the books read this week. Unfortunately, I just wasn’t able to post them. You see, There’s Something About Sweetie and Mera: Tidebreaker are both ARCs that have review embargoes, in a sense. For Mera: Tidebreaker, I cannot post the review until the day of publication and for There’s Something About Sweetie, I have to wait until within a month of the book’s publication. So, while I have already written the reviews for both novels, I cannot post them until, at the very minimum, next month.

So, keep an eye out for both of those reviews, but in the meantime I have links to the reviews for books read this week as well as the reviews I wrote this week beneath all the pictures. As always, happy reading everyone!

Artful Cats [Mary Savig]
The Woods [Rob Hodgson]
The Gamer’s Guide to Getting the Girl [Kristine Scarrow]

A short list of reviews I wrote this week:

Haphaven [Norm Harper & Louie Joyce]
May the Farce be With You [Pamela Sutter]
Sailor Moon Volume 1 [Naoko Takeuchi]
Caraval [Stephanie Garber]
At Least He Wasn’t Hitting You [Greg McVicker]
To Kill a Kingdom [Alexandra Cristo]

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