kyra's canine conditioningI have to admit, when I picked up Kyra’s Canine Conditioning by Kyra Sundance, I was not expecting a book filled with pictures. And while I won’t say that this is an inherently bad thing about the book and many of the pictures were useful, I don’t think they were all necessary and I would have much preferred more writing and explanations for various aspects of the sorts of activities described in the book. I’m by no means an expert dog trainer and I’ve only ever seriously participated in training a dog with my new puppy recently so I cannot fully account for the usefulness of this book for those who are seriously invested in their dog’s training, however, I can say that this book does appear to be one that would be far more useful to those who have a large amount of time to dedicate to training and not something I would recommend to the typical dog owner.

Many of the activities portrayed in this book were very interesting and several are definitely things I would like to, at some point in the future, try with my puppy. I do think that it is possible to find this information in other books, of course, and aside from the descriptive dog stretching, I didn’t really find anything excessively new that I hadn’t gotten from somewhere else to make this book unique. Even so, it was a good read and definitely had some helpful tips regarding how to teach your dog various new tricks.

My biggest gripe, however, with Kyra’s Canine Conditioning lies in the fact that much of the material she uses is incredibly expensive. There’s an implication that the reader should be spending an excessive amount of money on all of this equipment and the average dog owner simply may not have the funds for such expenses. I certainly don’t. Naturally, I don’t think that readers would have to use this costly equipment, but the implication that they should is definitely present throughout the book.

I think that there are parts of the book that were useful, but overall I didn’t see it as a book that I would turn to a friend of mine with a dog and recommend. It has some good tips, but I think there are better books out there and much of this information can be more easily found online anyway.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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