the sisterhoodI think, perhaps, on another day I might have considered adding The Sisterhood by A. J. Grainger to my TBR. But it’s one of those books that you’re vaguely interested in but you don’t ever feel a very strong desire to read it it. I’d be curious to see how the story ends, I think, but I’d rather learn about it via spoilers than by reading the book itself. I like the idea and I definitely prefer books that show the darker sides of religion–it’s for this reason, I think, that I really love The Hunchback of Notre Dame–but I just don’t care enough about the story described to actually bother reading it? And honestly, this really just comes down to personal preference. I don’t love mysteries and I don’t typically like them when they involve potentially murdered siblings. I’m just fairly certain that, were I to read this, I would dislike it largely based on personal preference and I don’t think that would exactly be fair to my time or fair to the book.

Lil’s sister has disappeared without a trace. Her disappearance has devastated Lil and so when a young girl appears, injured, near her home she is convinced that this girl might be her sister. Instead it is a young girl who claims to be from The Sisterhood of the Light, what she describes as a peaceful community. However, the strange marks on her arms and the fact that she was running from something leaves Lil on edge. So many questions and it seems as though the answers will be sinister.

What do you think about this book so far? Is it something that you’ll want to add to your TBR? Is it a book you’d rather pass up? Let me know in the comments!

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