warrior's peaceThe very top page of Hanne @ The Book Reader‘s blog treats readers to a rather amusing and wonderful poem about the amazing things that books offer their readers and I could not adore it more. I love the look of this blog and it’s unique rating system of six stars instead of five or ten, which is what I usually see books rated by. Also, Hanne has a quote from Game of Thrones at the top of her blog which is reason enough to check her out and give her a follow.

The review I’ve decided to feature today is for a book I’ve never read and also never heard of, but the way Hanne tells it lets you know almost instantly that this story is amazing. Warrior’s Peace by Lasse Gallefoss is a post WWII crime fiction novel, following the main character through his investigation of a string of murders done to previous Nazi party members, of which Storm had masqueraded as during the war in order to take them down. Suddenly his life is at risk as is his secret.

“…this story is like a boiling frog. I feel like the main character, Storm, is the frog. Before he knows it he is tangled up in everything that is messy, and as readers, we are tangled up with him…”

love the way Hanne describes the experience of reading this story. And it definitely endears me to the novel more so than if I hadn’t read her review. For more wonderful lines like this, please take a few minutes to drop by her blog and show some support!

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