I know this post is incredibly late for you guys since they’re supposed to come on Sundays, but it seems I got a little busy. The exciting thing to know, though, is the fact that I got a lot of reading and reviewing done this past week. Amazingly, I managed to read 12 books (some short, some long)! So, ending at the 24th, these are the books I’ve read and the reviews I’ve written for them (though some of those were written recently, some were written before because I definitely reviewed Cress a long time ago) and then below that, the rest of the reviews that I wrote last week!

J. K. Rowling [Caroline Moss]
Kawaii Origami [Chrissy Pushkin]
Arnica the Duck Princess [Ervin Lázár]
Unicorn Day [Diana Murray]
Kyra’s Canine Conditioning [Kyra Sundance]
Second Star [J. M. Sullivan]
Little Ida’s Flowers [Hans Christian Andersen]
Cress [Marissa Meyer]

A short list of other reviews I wrote this week:

The Light Princess [George MacDonald]


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