the music boxI’m always a little thrown when I do these throwback posts and come across a review that I had formatted differently in the past. I’m not sure why it’s so jarring, but as this blog has evolved I’ve developed a typical pattern to how I write my reviews–though I will admit that I desperately miss putting quotes at the beginning of all my reviews–and whenever I see the old patterns that just didn’t work for me, I kind of cringe a little bit. But I digress. Today I’m featuring a book that actually happens to be one of the very first graphic novels I ever read from NetGalley. I’ve actually come to find that NetGalley is rather a treasure trove for amazing graphic novels and, since I’m not made of money, has become my number one place to go for them. Prior to finding these sort of books on there, I didn’t really read them all that often.

The Music Box is an emotional and yet cute tale about a girl who finds a world within the music box that had once belonged to her mother and suddenly arrives to go on an adventure to save the mother of a young girl she meets within that world, someone who was actually a dear friend of her now deceased mom. It’s definitely set up for a sequel, though I don’t know if one has been written or published yet. I’m thinking that I should definitely check into that after I finish this post.

If you think you might be interested in checking out this book, feel free to read my review or drop by the Goodreads page! It’s definitely a fun and quick read, one I imagine many who enjoy reading middlegrade will love.

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