spin the dawnYou’ve all already seen this book and its beautiful cover on my blog once before. Just about a month ago I read and reviewed a book that I’d gotten approved for on NetGalley and couldn’t help taking a moment to brag about how amazing this cover is. And I mean, look at it. You can’t really deny that this is one of the most gorgeous covers you’ve ever seen. And it’s all thanks to a fantastic artist, Tran Nguyen. If you’ve not had a chance to check out her website, I would highly suggest doing so because her artwork is breathtakingly amazing. I spent some time last month looking at it and even browsed just now and it was so wonderful to see. She is truly deeply talented and I definitely think you all would appreciate seeing some of her artwork. I, for one, am immensely glad that her work was used for this novel.

There’s a lot about this cover that just really grabs your eye and the most wonderful thing about each piece is that it really tells you a story. You may not fully understand what the story is by just looking at the cover and a lot of it is revealed throughout the course of the novel, but it is a beautiful tale nonetheless. I adore the way the main character is weaving fabrics, wielding her scissors and sewing needle almost as a weapon as she builds the most intricate of garments. The hawk in the background is almost easy to miss, but utterly captivating once you notice him.

It’s a rare occurrence, but there’s actually nothing about this cover that I don’t like. Each piece of it is beautifully implemented to give readers a dazzling cover, something eye catching and beautiful that they would love to have on their shelves. The text placement is perfect and the artwork even more so.

What do you think of this cover? Is it one you like? Don’t like? Is there anything you would change? Let me know in the comments!

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