mist, metal, and ashUgh, what a way to be reminded that I still have to read Ink, Iron, and Glass before I can get my hands on this amazing sounding novel. I just haven’t managed to get a chance to read it and already it’s sequel, Mist, Metal, and Ash by Gwendolyn Clare, is coming out this year! I can say, unquestionably, that I’m actually rather disappointed that I can’t grab and read this book right now. The first book in this series sounded nothing short of amazing and, frankly, I find it exceedingly exciting that there is a sequel already out if not somewhat dejecting as far as what it means for my ability to read a million books in a year and decrease my TBR (basically, it’s non-existent). Well, we know what I’ll be doing the second I finish a few more of the ARCs I have on my TBR. I’ve been dying to read the first book in this series for a while now and I’m hoping that both novels will be as good as they sound and well worth spending my time on.

I wont get too much into the synopsis for this book in case there are spoilers within it, but the basic gist of this series is that there is a girl who can create brand new worlds through a science that is called scriptology. This basically means that if one has the right pen, the right skills, and the right book that they can build new–and real–worlds with just the swish of her hand and the writing of a few words. And honestly, how could that not be one of the most amazing ideas for a novel that you’ve ever heard in your entire life? I’m so looking forward to reading these books and, I hope, some of you are as well.

Will you be adding this book to your TBR? Will you pass it up because it’s something you’re not all that interested in? Or do you think that perhaps the idea is great but the execution wont be? Let me know in the comments! And, as always, happy reading everyone!

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