immoral coadeYou say Robin Hood and I’m basically sold, which is pretty unfortunate since more often than not it seems that I’m disappointed in the renditions and retellings that find their way into my hands. Of course, Immoral Code by Lillian Clark isn’t really Robin Hood and therefore likely won’t have the same criticisms something that fails to properly tell one of my favorite stories of all time might have. It’s just a steal from the rich for the poor sort of scheme, which certainly brings about comparisons, but isn’t the same thing. And, frankly, I think that I wouldn’t bother with this had it not made the comparison so I guess that says something about the importance of comparing novels to things we know people like, even if it typically annoys the heck out of me. I’m not entirely sure why I’m not crazy annoyed with it here.

Immoral Code follows a group of teenagers through their journey of preparing for college, getting into the best schools, and actually managing to pay for it. Considering the fact that they’re all in the situation of having to struggle to earn what they deserve, when one of them is denied a loan she desperately needs to attend the college that she’s been accepted into (MIT) it becomes necessary to find a way to pay for her schooling by any means necessary. I’m not sure how they all learn that this girl’s estranged father is a billionaire, but they do and thus a plot to steal just enough money to pay for her education is hatched.

I don’t think this sounds like the most amazing book in the world or anything, but it’s definitely interesting enough that I’m up for reading it. What are your thoughts? Will you be adding it to your TBR? Will you pass? Are you a sucker like me who sees the name Robin Hood and can’t pass it up? Let me know in the comments!

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