And I’m offering extra special, invisible bonus points to anyone who can tell me which book this post’s title has been adapted from! Leave a guess in the comments! And do it first, cause I’m going to spoil it later on in this post. At least, a little bit anyway.

So, March has been an incredibly long month and, amazingly, I’ve managed to read 38 books. Now, some of those books were children’s books and I know a few were Hans Christian Andersen tales, which tend to be a bit shorter, but overall I feel I’ve had a wonderful number of fantastic books to find my way through. And now, April is coming–there’s your spoiler, btw, did it help? I’m sure you can realize, if you’ve figured out what book the title’s adapted from, you’ll understand why now. And I have to take a moment to say how insanely excited I am for this month for the express purpose of a show adapted from that book.


March, I think, was really good for me as far as reviews go. I managed to get 26 reviews done in the course of the month, some for books I loved and some for books I didn’t really care all that much for. Out of all the books read in March, however, only one really shone enough for me to immediately feel as though I needed a physical copy as quickly as possible and to spend quite a bit of time rereading it. And that was To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo; a review is also linked below among the twenty-six others.

Stop Looking at Your Phone [Son of Alan]

The Everlasting Rose [Dhonielle Clayton]

Literary Places [Sarah Baxter]

Once in a Forest [Adriana Pernetz]

If Only it Were True [Marc Levy]

Baby Bird [Andrew Gibbs]

King of Fools [Amanda Foody]

Haphaven [Norm Harper & Louie Joyce]

Artful Cats [Mary Savig]

May the Farce be With You [Pamela Sutter]

Sailor Moon Volume 1 [Naoko Takeuchi]

The Woods [Rob Hodgson]

Caraval [Stephanie Garber]

The Gamer’s Guide to Getting the Girl [Kristine Scarrow]

At Least He Wasn’t Hitting You [Greg McVicker]

to kill a kingdomTo Kill a Kingdom [Alexandra Cristo]

Kawaii Origami [Chrissy Pushkin]

J. K. Rowling [Caroline Moss]

Arnica the Duck Princess [Ervin Lázár]

Unicorn Day [Diana Murray]

Second Star [J. M. Sullivan]

Kyra’s Canine Conditioning [Kyra Sundance]

The Light Princess [George MacDonald]

Little Ida’s Flowers [Hans Christian Andersen]

Chance’s Choice [Brenda Scott Royce]

The Princess and the Fangirl [Ashley Poston]

Legendary [Stephanie Garber]


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One thought on “He Had Chosen a Hard March…or Perhaps He Should Say that a Hard March Had Been Chosen for Him.

  1. I totally didn’t get the reference until your spoiler haha. 38 books is crazy!!! Even if some of them were children’s books that is still super impressive. I read 77 books last year and the only reason I made my goal of 75 was because I read 15 Children’s books!!!


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