the lost girls of parisOkay, I have to say that I absolutely love the concept behind Amy @ Amy’s Book-et List‘s blog. While I don’t particularly see myself ever making my own Book-et list because of the fact that it would likely be thousands of books long and a wasted effort, I deeply admire the idea of having one and the fact that she has dedicated her blog to it. I’d definitely suggest checking it out if you have the time. Though the list is 100 books long, it’s sure to have some gems on it that maybe you’d want on your own Book-et list. Amy also appears to host a lot of giveaways, if you’re interested in those.

The book review I’ve decided to feature today is for the book The Lost Girls of Paris by Pam Jenoff. While I’m not sure if I will read it, personally, largely due to the fact that I’ve read so many WWII novels and I genuinely think I’ve just tapped out and reached my limit, this book sounds really good. And Amy has even set out a few similar books that you might like if you like this one and suggests that you’ll enjoy this one if you enjoyed the others. A tale about the women fighting against Hitler, this book centers around a young woman who finds a suitcase of photographs of these women and sets out to find out what happened to them.

“…we find some truly heroic women who sacrifice their lives to end Hitler’s terror.  The pace was absolutely perfect.  The fact that it is based on true events…”

Take a bit of time out of your day today to read Amy’s review and give her some much deserved support!

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