Hello everyone! It’s Wednesday and I’ve got a bunch of new books that have found their way onto my TBR recently, all of which I’m incredibly excited to share with you guys. Every single one of these books was an instant add; not one of them left me feeling hesitant about adding them nor did I add any because I was curious but only vaguely so. I’m really excited to read each one of these, so I hope that you manage to find at least one you feel that you might enjoy.

wrong in all the right waysWrong in all the Right Ways by Tiffany Brownlee is one of those books that I would, hands down, consider a guilty pleasure read. And honestly, while romance isn’t typically my thing, something about the idea has always captured my attention. The main characters in this story are foster siblings who fall in love, but the problem is that it’s very likely Dylan will be sent to another family if they are found out. And I’m just curious to see how this whole story pans out. Obviously the two characters are not related, but what if Emma’s parents decide to adopt Dylan? With them keeping their feelings secret in order to prevent him being sent to a different, and potentially awful, home such an event might be a real possibility. And how horribly awkward and uncomfortable would that end up being?

hullmetal girlsI don’t even know where to begin with how excited I am to read Hullmetal Girls by Emily Skrutskie. It sounds deliciously suspenseful and I am almost one hundred percent positive that I will be excitedly reading at the edge of my seat the entire time. You see, Aisha’s brother has caught the plague and, as a janitor, she does not have the funds to pay for treatment. So, rather than watch her brother die, Aisha agrees to have her body mechanically engineered and to basically become property of the government and at the whims of their war fancies. Key, on the other hand, wakes up in her newly mechanized body with very little memory of who she was before though she recalls that she was well-off. Soon the girls find themselves in a situation where they must learn to work together, setting aside their differences and determine to whom they truly owe their loyalty. And I cannot wait to give this one a read.

nyxia unleashedI’ve seen Nyxia Unleashed by Scott Reintgen around Twitter for some time now, but I still haven’t managed to find the time to read the first novel in this series. Of course, I entered several giveaways when they were around–didn’t win any–and I still intend very much to read this and the first book. But when I actually do get to them is up in the air. I didn’t really read the summary for this book, to be completely honest, as I prefer to avoid spoilers and there always seem to be quite a few in the synopses for sequels, so there you go. But if you’re interested in this book, definitely check it or the first novel out to see if it’s for you. 

letting go of gravityA story about finding oneself, Letting Go of Gravity by Meg Leder tells the story of a young girl who couldn’t be more different than her twin in a great many ways. But the most shattering difference between Parker and her twin, Charlie, is the fact that Charlie was diagnosed with Leukemia. With Charlie now in remission, however, life seems to be looking up. Except the truth is that Parker is still focused on trying to save her twin and, despite all appearances to the contrary, is struggling. The truth is that her anxiety has been keeping her from enjoying her life and as her relationship with Charlie is strained, her focus still remains entirely on this idea of saving Charlie rather than taking care of herself. I think this book sounds pretty exceptional in a lot of ways and I’m really looking forward to seeing how the author handles the subject.

grace and furySet in a world where women have no rights, following the tale of two sisters–one the supposed perfect woman as set by society’s standards, poised and groomed to stand by the heir of the kingdom and the other a delinquent set to be left rotting in prison–as they are swapped out due to the fact that the heir prefers the sister who was arrested, Grace and Fury by Tracy Banghart has the potential to be exemplary and amazing. But it also has the potential to fail horribly. I’m exceedingly curious to see how this book turns out, where the plot leads the readers, and whether or not the author handled the subject well. The premise sounds fantastic and I can’t help feeling genuinely eager to experience this rather intriguing story.

And that’s five! Until next time, happy reading everyone!

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