K was, ironically, actually somewhat difficult to put together. To start with, I don’t actually have a 1-star rating K book, though I’ve put a 2-star rated children’s novel from my childhood in its place. But, honestly, it’s pretty on par with the book I chose for 2-stars so it could very well have been the other way around. I really didn’t like The Kiss of Deception. As for the other books, Keeping the Moon is a fun Sarah Dessen,The King’s Guard  is actually a novella for a much longer series, and I’m sure many of you already know King of Fools. It’s funny how many of these books include the word King .in their title.

5 Star K Read:

keeping the moon

4 Star K Read:

the king's guard

3 Star K Read:

king of fools

2 Star K Read:

the kiss of deception

1 Star K Read:

the kidnapped king

K TBR Read:


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