I’m still grossly behind in getting reviews finished for all the books I owe them for, but I think this past week was one where I actually made some real progress in this case. Perhaps one day there will come a time in which I manage to review all the books I read within the year that I read them, but I imagine I will have to read less books if that is the case. As it stands, I wrote 12 reviews last week, so I’m pretty proud of myself. Especially since I only read eight books. Ironically, I owe reviews to many of the ones I just finished reading, so you’ll probably see them in next week’s post. Until then, happy reading everyone!

Sleeping Beauty [Karina]
Nanami [Éric Corbeyran & Amélie Sarn]
Wrath of Dragons [Scott King]

A short list of other reviews I wrote this past week:

Under Our Clothes [Jillian Roberts]
Don’t Let the Beasties Escape This Book [Julie Berry]
Something Like Gravity [Amber Smith]
Tigeropolis: Caught in the Trap [R. D. Dikstra]
The Manual of Aeronautics [Scott Westerfeld]
What’s College About Anyway? [Betty Thomas Patterson]
City of Bones [Cassandra Clare]
How to Raise a Reader [Pamela Paul & Maria Russo]
The Epilogue [Kiera Cass]

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