This was kind of a fun one to compile, especially since I’ve been dying to read Labyrinth  for eons now. For the longest time, the only copies available were out of print and therefore massively expensive. But it has been re-released and while I have not yet managed to scrounge up the funds to buy myself a copy, I certainly will be doing so at some point in the future and I just cannot wait.

Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld is one of those books that has always been incredibly close to my heart and I’m thrilled to be sharing it with you all today as a five star read. L.I.F.E. in the 23rd Century by Jason R. Richter is a book that I probably never would have read had it not been a review request and I’m still shocked and pleased about the fact that I enjoyed it. As for the others…well, they were all disappointing. Perhaps none, though, was more disappointing than Layover, which I was super excited for and ended up hating. Of course, I always knew I would hate Legendary.

5 Star L Read:


4 Star L Read:


3 Star L Read:

lock and key

2 Star L Read:


1 Star L Read:


L TBR Read:


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