If you’ve not guessed what book this title is adapted from, I feel like you must have missed my wrap up post last month and probably don’t love Game of Thrones as much as I do. But that’s alright. Ironically, it was actually pretty hard to find a quote that worked with the month April. But, seeing as the newest and most amazing season of Game of Thrones came out this past month, I thought it was really fitting that the title commemorating April and all my reading would include something from the books to represent how much I’ve been loving the show so far. And, if you missed it, I posted about Game of Thrones twice this past week (due to that amazing episode). This post has a really cool picture and no spoilers, just my personal guess about who was most likely to die and this post has my reaction and some spoilers.


April featured me reading 30 books and reviewing 26. I have to say, I look forward to the month when I review more books than I read since that would at least suggest a bit more progress on that front. Ironically, somehow I manged to read and review less this month than last month, which is a little disappointing. But, on the bright side, I did managed to increase my view count for this month and that was quite exciting. And, finally, I’m excited to announce that the best read of April was Nightrise by Anthony Horowitz, a book from a series I deeply love and one that I really need to review at some point soon.

Mera: Tidebreaker [Danielle Paige]

Count on Me [Miguel Tanco]

The Saucy Boy [Hans Christian Andersen]

Lucy and Clark [Ashley Iaconetti & Jared Haibon]

Finale [Stephanie Garber]

My Bright Friend [Simon Boulerice]

Stage Kiss [M. F. Lorson]

night riseFullmetal Alchemist; Fullmetal Edition Volume 1 [Hiromu Arakawa]

Paw Prints [Morgan J. Muir]

There’s Something About Sweetie [Sandhya Menon]

Under Our Clothes [Jillian Roberts]

Don’t Let the Beasties Escape This Book [Julie Berry]

Sleeping Beauty [Karina]

Something Like Gravity [Amber Smith]

Tigeropolis: Caught in the Trap [R. D. Dikstra]

The Manual of Aeronautics [Scott Westerfeld]

What’s College About Anyway? [Betty Thomas Patterson]

City of Bones [Cassandra Clare]

How to Raise a Reader [Pamela Paul & Maria Russo]

Nanami [Éric Corbeyran & Amélie Sarn]

The Epilogue [Kiera Cass]

Wrath of Dragons [Scott King]

Alis the Aviator [Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail]

I Like to Eat Children [Reagan Rothe]

The Trouble With Flying [Rochelle Morgan]

The Wolf Will Not Come [Myriam Ouyessad]

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