submergedI think Submerged by Vita Ayala was one of the first graphic novels that I read this year and I was utterly blown away by the sheer level of depth that it had. The story was impressive, the artwork masterful, and I loved everything about it. Now, don’t get me wrong, Submerged is a painful journey. The story is one of those kinds that you leave feeling incredibly emotional about everything involved. In fact, Submerged is a pretty dark tale, filled with a lot of truly heart-wrenching moments. I remember reeling for a while after I’d finished it, especially since it was incredibly easy to develop a strong emotional connection with the main character as she searches for her missing younger brother. I would definitely suggest giving this amazing graphic novel a try if you have the chance. Though, do keep in mind that there are possible triggers this book may have as it is rather dark and does deal with some difficult situations, some of which involve coming out.

I definitely do a better job of describing this book in my review for it, so check that out if you’re interested and you have time. And if you’re looking to read it, definitely add it to your TBR via Goodreads!

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