harry potter the prequelSupposedly I’ve read Harry Potter: The Prequel prior to yesterday evening, but I have to be completely frank with you all and admit to the fact that I don’t remember having read it at all. But it’s there, on my read shelf, with a read date in October of 2016. Go figure. Well, in the interests of reviewing this rather short, 800-word “prequel,” I went back and reread the whole thing. And guess what. My memory still remained completely blank. I read this? I wondered. When? How? Literally nothing about the story jogged any memory within the recesses of my brain that would offer me the thought that I had, at any point in time, actually read this story. But, according to Goodreads, that assertion is incorrect. Anyway, I digress.

The Harry Potter Prequel is only a prequel in that Rowling sat down long enough to have about 800 words worth of fun with some characters prior to the date in which the first novel is set. The story features teenagers Sirius Black and James Potter as they go about causing mischief and mayhem around London with a suspiciously fast motorbike as far as the police are concerned. There’s a bit of a detainment, annoyance on the end of the police, quite a bit of amusement from Sirius and James, and a little bit of magic all rolled up into just a small number of words that were eventually auctioned off for charity.

Honestly, it was kind of silly. The only thing that the story really offers is a bit of fun nostalgia for two characters that we only ever got to know at this age via the remembrances of other characters throughout the series. And as much as I love James Potter and Sirius Black–they were my favorite to read about back in my fanfiction days–I felt kind of left behind and let down by this story. For example, who were the people on broomsticks? What happened to the policemen? Why did they do that with the car? There’s a lot to it that I know will never be answered and I find that vaguely annoying. It’s a nice little excerpt, sure. But I didn’t need it and it really only leaves me wishing that there were more.


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