d.c. tripIt’s time for another blogger support post and this week’s first feature is Ashley @ Simply Ashley. One important thing to note about Ashley is that she’s not your typical book blogger as her blog is not dedicated solely to the books that she’s reading. Whereas I rarely post about anything not related to reading, Ashley is more of a lifestyle blogger with a side of book reviews. And if that’s something you’re interested in, I would definitely suggest popping over to give her a follow! Just from browsing through her blog I found some really amazing and interesting posts and I imagine many of you will as well.

For now, however, I wanted to offer her some blog support by featuring her review for the book D.C. Trip by Sara Benincasa, an exciting review about a YA novel that just sounds fantastic. Not only that, but this book was apparently so good that our friend Ashley couldn’t put it down. And those, unquestionably, are definitely the books to keep ab eye out for. Plus, there’s a lot of fun and hilarity peppered throughout the book.

“…if you have dreams of travel and mischief then this book is right up your alley. Three high school girls are on a class field trip to Washington D.C. and…”

Please take a few moments to drop by Ashley’s blog and offer her some support, check out her reviews, and even some of her lifestyle posts. I promise it will be worth your time!

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