We’re finally at August 2018 releases! I have to admit, I genuinely thought it would take longer to get here but I’m glad that I finally have. I hope some of you manage to find a new book from this list that you’re thinking about reading. So, let’s check them out!

Someone I Used to KnowThe first August book that has found its way to my TBR this week is one that definitely needs a trigger warning and I am so glad to see that one was included in the synopsis for Someone I Used to Know by Patty Blount. This book addresses with the very real and very traumatic struggle of a young woman dealing with the aftermath of being raped and by her brother’s best friend. For the longest time I remember everyone really pushing to me the idea that this was the sort of thing that only ever really happened on the street, a violent act done by a stranger. But the truth is that this often happens with people we know and trust and I do want to read how this is handled in Someone I Used to Know and what will happen with the relationship between the main character and her brother, which appears to be a central focus within this novel.

#murdertrendingI almost didn’t add #murdertrending by Gretchen McNeil to my TBR as I’m not always the greatest fan of thriller-esque novels. But there’s something about the plot of #murdertrending that really just sort of pulls you in. You can’t help it. You just want to know what happens. This world is described as the near future, a place in which criminals are arrested and their subsequent violent execution via a sort of hunt-like murder is broadcast to the world via an app. But when Dee, innocent of the crime for which she has been arrested, finds herself thrown into the path of execution to be live streamed on the app, suddenly the idea of criminals “getting what’s coming to them” doesn’t seem so great. I think the concept of this book is fascinating in a great number of ways. And while I don’t think it brings the concept of death row into discussion–a violent app streamed murder is something I don’t see the law ever changing as it is an incredibly cruel and unnecessary way to kill people–I do find the whole idea quite intriguing.

nineNine by Zach Hines is another book with an interesting concept, though I’m not sure whether I’ll like it or not. But, with a concept so unique, I definitely want to find out. I feel as though I might miss a lot by passing this up, so Nine, a novel about a world in which people all have nine lives which they tend to burn through, has found its way to my TBR. The main premise of this novel lies with the fact that many of the people living in this world burn through their nine lives quickly in order to get the “physical and mental upgrade[s]” that their death brings, but our main character is determined to make his very first last as long as possible. But with quite a bit of pressure from government and society, how long will he really be able to hold onto his first life?

the last best storyI’m only vaguely interested in The Last Best Story by Maggie Lehrman, if I’m being honest. It’s basically a story that follows a character who leaves her life with the school newspaper and her boyfriend behind in search of something else, what namely seems to me to be popularity. And I’m a little curious about the main characters and their relationship, especially as it relates to the plot that follows. Apparently the last best story is the fact that, despite alarms and information spread, there is not a student running loose in the school with a gun? It’s not really all that clear, I’ll be entirely honest. But, I’m curious so there you go.

these rebel wavesI actually own a copy of These Rebel Waves by Sara Raasch, one that I was really excited to have gotten largely due to the fact that it came from an utterly amazing FairyLoot book box that I couldn’t help buying. It’s even got spayed edges. But I haven’t read it, and if you’ve been around my blog for any period of time you’ll know it’s because I’m always behind with the books on my TBR and will probably never catch up. But I’m excited to read These Rebel Waves at some point in the future; a YA fiction novel inspired by the Spanish Inquisition sounds utterly fascinating. Here’s hoping that I get to reading this one sooner rather than later.

And that’s all for today, folks. Happy reading, everyone!

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