Thanks, but I hate it.

bookplateI have a confession to make. I absolutely hate signed bookplates. Why this became such a trend and a common thing to see is beyond me and it’s just something that I find myself wishing had never happened. I imagine, largely due to the book box subscriptions that have become super popular recently, that the whole purpose behind signed bookplates had a lot to do with the fact that it can be costly to ship things around and naturally most authors or booksellers will not want to foot the bill to ship the products to the authors and then back to themselves in order to have them prepared for customers. And in that sense, I understand why shipping a whole stack of signed bookplates might be a more efficient way of doing things.

bookplateWith that said, however, I still hate it. So, thanks? But I’ll opt out. Honestly, a big part of the reason why I haven’t bothered with a large number of subscription boxes is because, instead of having a signed copy of a novel, they send out the book with a signed bookplate. And I just…cringe. And while some of them–see the image to your left–don’t look terrible, I just can’t bring myself to like them? The idea of a removable signature in a book isn’t appealing to me. And, frankly, it doesn’t make the book all that much more valuable to me. The book is still the book unsigned regardless of whether or not there’s a bookplate somewhere inside it. Plus, it honestly just seems like a recipe for the disaster of a) losing the bookplate, b) bending the bookplate, or c) destroying it in some other manner. Cause you all know I’d be using that stupid bookplate as a bookmark anyway.

I just…why? And I mean, thanks for the effort, I guess? But I hate it. I just hate it.

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