song of sorrowSong of Sorrow by Melinda Salisbury is a sequel to a book about the daughter of a politician who has basically responded to the grief of having lost his son by more or less not governing properly. Set in a fantasy realm, the book is marketed as something dark, but I find rather quickly that I’m just not even the slightest bit interested. There’s also a spoiler in the synopsis for the second book, so if you’re going to look into it I would check out State of Sorrow first. Regardless, nothing about this book seems to be quite up my alley and, not surprisingly so, as I didn’t really like Melinda Salisbury’s The Sin Eater’s Daughter, the only other novel of hers that I have read. Somehow, if I didn’t like that one and I don’t find myself moved or interested in the first book of this series, I don’t imagine myself enjoying reading through far enough to have this book on my TBR.

Sorrow Ventaxis has won the election, and in the process lost everything…
Governing under the sinister control of Vespus Corrigan, and isolated from her friends, Sorrow must to find a way to free herself from his web and save her people. But Vespus has no plans to let her go, and he isn’t the only enemy Sorrow faces as the curse of her name threatens to destroy her and everything she’s fought for.

Honestly, my thoughts on this book are simple. I don’t think I’ll like it. What are your opinions of this particular novel? Do you feel like it might be a book you’d enjoy? Will you read it? Will you not? What do you think of the author? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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