meet me in outer spaceSo, I want to read this book and I also don’t want to read this book. Meet Me in Outer Spaceby Melinda Grace is an Own Voices novel about a college student with central auditory processing disorder and her struggle to get through a French course and a teacher her refuses to see her struggle and requests for help as anything other than looking for an easy out. As someone who works in education and works primarily with students who have learning disabilities, this book hits kind of close to home for me. I know a lot of students who’ve struggled in school, felt unsuccessful because of teachers just like the one described in this book, and who have grown to hate learning as a result. Their self-esteem is low, they feel dumb, and it is both devastating to see their lack of confidence and wonderfully rewarding to be a participant in bringing them change to that mindset and the feeling that they are smart and they can succeed. I love my job for a reason.

With that said, I just don’t know how much I’m going to enjoy reading this book largely due to the fact that I infinitely prefer books that aren’t realistic fiction. I’ve never loved contemporary and am usually pretty avoidant when it comes to them. There are few contemporaries that I love and even fewer that I’ll re-read. And I just don’t know if I’m all that interested in a book whose main plot centers around school. At the same time, I think this book is an amazing one as far as I can tell. I think it’s important, and I would probably be doing a disservice if I didn’t read it. So I have added it to my TBR and I do hope that it doesn’t turn out to be a book I grow bored with.

Smart and unflinching, this #OwnVoices debut contemporary novel stars an ambitious college student who refuses to be defined by her central auditory processing disorder.
Edie Kits has a learning disability. Well, not a learning disability exactly, but a disability that impacts her learning. It isn’t visible, it isn’t obvious, and it isn’t something she likes to advertise.
And for three semesters of college, her hard work and perseverance have carried her through. Edie thinks she has her disability under control until she meets her match with a French 102 course and a professor unwilling to help her out.
Edie finds herself caught between getting the help she needs and convincing her professor that she isn’t looking for an easy out. Luckily for Edie, she has an amazing best friend, Serena, who is willing to stitch together a plan to ensure Edie’s success. And then there’s Hudson, the badly dressed but undoubtedly adorable TA in her French class who finds himself pulled into her orbit…
Chosen by readers like you for Macmillan’s young adult imprint Swoon Reads, Meet Me in Outer Space is a sweet, heartachingly real story of love and college life by debut author Melinda Grace.

How do you feel about this book? Are you excited to read it? Do you not feel as though this book is for you? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments! Happy reading, everyone.

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