It’s been a day or two since I found a book worth requesting on NetGalley, but here I am for you all with four new requests, though only one of them is actually a full book. And man, am I here for Ross Welford’s upcoming novel. As for the others, I’m excited to see if there’s something new for me to want to request or add to my TBR coming soon.

the 1000 year old boy
An almost reverse Peter Pan situation where a boy never ages, but would do anything to grow up. It’s a middle-grade novel, but one that sounds utterly fascinating.

Honestly, I just love the NetGalley samplers. They’re always quick to read, a pretty great way to get your ratio up in the long run, and can turn you onto some fantastic books sometimes.

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5 thoughts on “The Reverse Peter Pan and Fall 2019 Samplers; Recent NetGalley Requests

    1. If it’s a sample with multiple books in it, I’ll usually write 2-5 sentences for each story about whether I’m interested in reading the rest of the book and why. If it’s a single story sampler, I’ll write a little bit more, so 2-3 paragraphs. I can be a bit extra about that, though, since I think you can also get by with just a paragraph.

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    2. Good luck with NetGalley! Another thing I’ve noticed has really helped me increase my ratio quickly is to read and review children’s books since they’re quick reads and often fairly easy to review.

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