circleCircle by Mac Barnett was such an incredibly strange book and I truly do not know how to handle it. I think, ultimately, I just couldn’t get over how utterly pointless I found it? And the fact that it was part of a series and not just one random and weird children’s book that was just too odd to have respect for blew my mind. Honestly, it still baffles me to this day whenever I think about it. It’s the kind of book you read, look at, and then think wtf did I just read? And yet, it’s a children’s book that could, I suppose, teach your kid about shapes. Though, frankly, I personally think there are far better and more worthwhile books to use when teaching your children these things.

It’s still interesting to look into, though. While I continue to feel utterly confused as to what the author was thinking when he put this together, there were several who actually loved this book. Blow my mind again, I suppose. Feel free to check out my review for Circle if you’re curious about it. But maybe also check out a review from someone who liked it on Goodreads? See what you think. Maybe it won’t baffle you as much as it did me.

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