buzz books YAI love reading the samplers, particularly the ones for YA, so whenever they pop up on NetGalley I request them. The thing is, this gives me a wonderful opportunity to look into some books I’m considering requesting and decide which ones I’d actually enjoy reading. I was thrilled to see that this one included samples for books that I hadn’t yet heard of. And a few of those books are ones that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read yet. This is always something I love to do since samples of a story can really help in making the decision for whether or not I want to read the novel. As for this group, I can definitely see myself reading some of these in the future, whereas a few others I wasn’t as interested in.

If anyone were to ever get me to read a book about Tennis, it would be the authors of Legacy and the Queen, due to their melding it with some sort of magic in a world that appears to be very kingdom-esque.. I really enjoyed reading the sample for this book and would consider picking it up in the future.

The Last True Poets of the Sea was one of the books in this sampler that I definitely see myself reading, though from just the synopsis I probably never would have picked it up. It didn’t sound especially interesting at the get-go, but when I started the story I found myself rather impressed with the writing. I enjoyed the narrator and definitely think this could be a book worth reading.

I just couldn’t get past the writing style for Coral, which is good to know since I almost requested this book to read the whole thing. I think the premise sounds great, but I just didn’t care for the writing. As for I’m Not Dying With You Tonight, I just didn’t feel a connection with the story. It’s not something that really sounds like a book I’d want to read, especially as I don’t care for books with cheerleaders.

Honestly, I feel somewhat uncertain about Dear Haiti, Love Alaine because a part of me wants to read it and a part of me doesn’t. Ultimately, the sample didn’t really help me make a decision either way. For Harvey Comes Home, however, I just wasn’t interested in the overall story and nothing about the sample really grabbed me enough to change my mind.

I was over the moon thrilled with the sample for Scars Like Wings. Not only did it begin with the most catching line I’ve read in a while. I’m really excited to pick this book up later and finish it. The premise sounds extremely fascinating and overall I was really impressed with the writing.

Home Girl just isn’t the kind of book I see myself enjoying. I don’t think there was anything exactly wrong with it, but I was turned off almost immediately by the harshness of the main character. I don’t think I’ll be continuing this book, but I do think others might enjoy it.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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2 thoughts on “NetGalley Buzz Books 2019 Fall YA Sampler

  1. Sounds really useful. Sometimes I get tempted by the description, request the book and find out that I don’t like the writing style or can’t connect with the characters. Thank you for an excellent overview.


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