36039295There is all kinds of darkness in Other Words for Smoke by Sarah Maria Griffin and I am going to just respectfully announce that I am out and to those of you who enjoy horror/thriller/mystery type novels, enjoy. This is definitely one of those books that I don’t see myself ever reading and will probably pass up. I’ve never been big on horror and thriller and can only be persuaded to read mystery if it’s a really good book–my days of Nancy Drew are long, long behind me–and so a story about a house that burned to the ground and the deep dark secrets of the family kept tight lipped by the niece and nephew of the woman who died in the flames is not something that I find myself even slightly interested in. And then there’s the bit about loving someone who is striving for power and I find myself really not all that interested in a toxic relationship that results in death, so ultimately Other Words for Smoke is not going to be on my TBR.

When the house at the end of the lane burned down, none of the townspeople knew what happened. A tragedy, they called it. Poor Rita Frost and her ward, Bevan, lost to the flames. Only Mae and Rossa, Rita’s niece and nephew, know what happened that fateful summer.
Only they know about the owl in the wall, the uncanny cat, the dark powers that devour love and fear. Only they know about the trials of loving someone who longs for power, for freedom, for magic. Only they know what brought the house tumbling down around them. And they’ll never, ever breathe a word.

So, check this book out yourself if you think there’s a possibility that you might be interested and let me know how you feel about it in the comments below. Will you read it? Will you not? What are your thoughts?

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