There is one book on this list that I am just dying for and it kind of kills me a little that I had to wish for it rather than actually being able to request, since that basically means the chances of me getting it are supremely slim. But I love Jen Wang and I loved the last book of hers that I read. And I’ve been pretty desperate for this book ever since I learned about it. So, fingers crossed? Anyway, most of the books below were wish requests rather than official requests. But it is what it is and hopefully the one I want will be granted? I’ve had a few in the past, though they were mainly children’s books.

the okay witchThis is actually the only official request rather than wish on my list for today. It seemed cute and I was curious.

cover166045-mediumI actually didn’t realize that this was the third book in a series when I wished for it. But it had a fun sounding plot and a really cool cover. I’m kind of hoping that I get passed over for this one, though, since I haven’t read the first two books.

lily the thief
My goodness, this book sounds so cute. And just look at the artwork! It kind of reminds me of old movies I used to watch or old video games. I’m here for it.

open borders
I feel like…if more people read these books when they were young…we’d have less bigots in the world.

[insert excited, yet desperate screaming here]

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