Spoilers for GoT, Season 8, Series Finale

game of thronesHonestly, at this point the only thing I have left to say is that—though I would have been annoyed with it and thought they could do better—I would have preferred if the show had ended entirely with Jon taking Dany’s request to be with her and then the two of them going off to destroy the world together because just about anything is better than the nonsense that just happened. I mean, honestly? Where was the buildup? Where was the sense? Where was the character respect? Why Bran? Why? Why? Why? And that ridiculous regarding A Song of Ice and Fire? Ugh.

I’d rather have watched Dany and Jon burn the world together.

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One thought on “I Interrupt Your Previously Scheduled Book Talk for Game of Thrones [What’s Worse?]

  1. I agree. Ugh. Disappointed. So many issues I can’t even list them all. Bran??? And the book? The comedy at the end? In a city of a half-million dead? *Sigh* I just don’t get what happened. It was like the writers ran out of steam and just wanted to get it over with.


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