MickeyThis has probably been the single most stressful weekend of my life. It’s funny to say that, really, since it’s due to something a crazy number of people go through. But the truth is that I don’t think I’m fully equipped to handle the amount of havoc my emotions can sometimes have on me. And since this particular stress involves someone I love and care about deeply, it’s basically completely out of my control. Anyway, many of you probably have noticed at some point that I have a puppy. Occasionally I’ll post about him on here, a little more often I post something on Twitter. Honestly, though, you’re much more likely to find updates about him on my—linked below—or his Instagram (yes, I am one of those dog moms).

MickeyWell, this Friday we had him neutered. And if I was anxious about it before we brought him in, it has nothing on how anxious I’ve been since we brought him home. You see, Mickey is a border collie and while it does make him very smart and very adorable…it also makes him very energetic. As far as recovery is concerned, this is not a good thing. It’s especially not a good thing when all Mickey ever wants to do is play. Keeping that energy on lockdown all weekend and for the rest of the 1-2 weeks of his recovery has been nightmarishly difficult. And I mean it; I’ve been having nightmares.  But that’s unfortunately not the worst of it.

MickeyDespite added efforts, getting sedatives from the vet, a massive amount of treats, puzzle toys, toys specifically meant for chewing while laying down Mickey has attempted to circumvent every measure I’ve put in place to keep him from too much activity in order to prevent potential tearing of his sutures. And it is the most stressful nonsense I have ever dealt with. Cause the truth is, Mickey doesn’t care about his sutures. Most likely he doesn’t even know they’re there. The poor baby just wants to play with his ball and he has no clue as to why his mom keeps yelling at him every time he tries to run with it. I’ve, unfortunately, had to hide all the balls. Is that ironic or what?

MickeyAnd of course he keeps giving me looks of utter desperation when I refuse to throw toys for him to chase after. But, you know, I could get past that. The most difficult and stressful part of it all is watching the incision site. This is the first time I’ve been an adult when a dog has been neutered—let me be frank, I don’t know how my parents did it, but then again we never had a border collie—and so I find myself freaking out at the smallest thing. I turn immediately to google and the post-op instructions sheet we got from the vet and basically just research everything I can to make sure what’s going on is normal. I even called his vet. The swelling (mild) and the very minimal bleeding (we almost couldn’t tell) freaked me the hell out. And it continues to freak me out. Through it all, Mickey has been eagerly insistent that he should run, get excited every time someone comes home, jump up on and over things (despite the fact that I covered the couch so he couldn’t, he somehow found a way 😑), and basically be his normal, energetic self.

And I’m basically just taking a moment to rant since my boyfriend thinks I’m overreacting. Which, let’s face it, I probably am. But he is my baby, after all.

Still, a few tips for when (if) you get your pup neutered and he or she has a lot of energy:

Make sure he’s got stuff to chew — I bought him an antler, a Himalayan cheese stick chew (these are amazing, they last so long!), some puzzle toys (Mickey really likes this twisty one where the treats are inside), a stuffed animal, and some various other treats/toys. I splurged.

Gentle leaders are your best friend — Mickey’s the type of dog who would pull on his leash if given enough reason to, whether cause he’s bored, sees a squirrel, wants to greet someone at the door, etc. In so many instances, be it inside or going out to potty, it has been a life saver. Mickey doesn’t pull his gentle leader…much.

When all else fails, give ‘em peanut butter — I literally just let him lick it from the jar cause it was the best way to get him to let me ice his area when it got swollen. It worked wonders.

It probably won’t all work perfectly if your dog is an energetic type. But, hopefully, it will help and you’ll get some peace of mind. We have Mickey on a sedative and he’s still pretty wild. Still, I do think all of this stuff has helped and I don’t know what I’d have done without it.

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4 thoughts on “My Mickey Puppy is Stressing Me Out and Some Neuter Recovery Tips

    1. My first where I was actually taking care of everything, lol. All the others I was a kid so I don’t think it really counts? It’s also my first medium sized/energetic dog, so there’s also that. And thank you! ❤️

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