I can’t believe I’m already at the letter O for reads, and in truth I thought initially that this one would be hard to fill but clearly I’ve read a lot more books beginning with O than I’d originally thought. My five star choice this time around is for the final book in a series that I am actually re-reading right now at the time I’m scheduling this post and one that I’ve adored for quite some time. Ironically, two of the books from this series almost ended up on my last letter post. The four star read is a Sarah Dessen novel I fell in love with pretty quickly, but somehow managed to forget that I owned a copy of for a while and nearly bought myself a second one. Odette is a book I was excited for, but turned out to be a disappointment.

The last two books on this list are books that I had a lot of hope for, but just couldn’t live up to expectations. I’ve found that the twisted tales are usually disappointing and so I don’t read them often anymore. As for Kiera Cass’ Selection series, what she did with the love triangle and the absolute fickleness of the main character was unforgivable as far as I’m concerned and I simply couldn’t get past how ridiculous it was that she was so malleable, among some other complaints. Olivia Twist is a story I’ve been looking forward to reading for ages and honestly, I should really pick that book up sooner rather than later.

5 Star O Read:


4 Star O Read:

once and for all

3 Star O Read:


2 Star O Read:

once upon a dream

1 Star O Read:

The One

O TBR Read:

olivia twist


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