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Honestly, I’m pretty lenient about who I let touch my books. And you’d think, with how deeply attached I am to the majority of them, that I’d be a bit more strict. But the truth is that I’ve lent out some of the books mentioned below before and been perfectly fine with it. That said, I only trust a select number of people with these books while there are many others that I can hand out without a thought. Ultimately, here are the top ten that I’m more picky about, and at least one that no one in the world will ever touch.

curtain going up10. Curtain Going Up by Debra Weiss

This book isn’t on the list because it’s something I love deeply since I don’t even remember what the damn book is about. It’s one that I read in my childhood, one that was passed down from my mother, and it’s a book that’s falling apart. Really, the only reason I wouldn’t let anyone else touch it is because the book is already damaged enough and I fear that even the smallest mishandling will render the book unreadable. That’s probably a bit of an exaggeration, but I’m sure you all get it. It’s just impossible to trust a lot of people with books that are falling apart.

paper towns flipback9. Paper Towns by John Green

Okay, I’m not like majorly in love with John Green novels to the point that I’d refuse to let others borrow them, but this particular copy is a bit special. You see, the copy of Paper Towns that I own is a flipback book, meaning it opens top to bottom rather than left to right. These books are small, fit in your pocket, and are generally amazing. And while I have a box set that includes Looking for Alaska, The Fault in Our Stars, and An Abundance of Katherines (I’m mildly offended that the first and last one were included over Will Grayson, Will Grayson), I’m much more protective of Paper Towns because it’s my favorite of the bunch than I am of the other ones.

the wendy8. The Wendy by Erin Michelle Sky and Steven Brown

So, this was my first ever physical ARC and it’s a signed copy, so it’s pretty understandable why I’m rather protective of this book. The nice thing is that I have two copies, so I can be protective of one and a little more lenient with who I lend the other out to. Of course, the number of people who will actually get their hands on this as far as borrowing goes is pretty small so I’m not sure that it would really matter much anyway. I’d rather keep them both in great condition than let someone else touch it.

fullmetal alchemist 17. Fullmetal Alchemist Fullmetal Editions by Hiromu Arakawa

So, the Fullmetal Editions of Fullmetal Alchemist are somewhat poorly made in that the red lettering on the front can fade away if people don’t handle the book properly and rub their hands all over it, especially in the summertime. So, as a result, I’m pretty protective of the copies that I own and I do not see myself lending this book out to other people at any point in the future. If I damage a book that I own, that’s one thing. But if someone else does it, that’s another thing entirely. And I really don’t want to be that person asking others to replace books that they’ve damaged. I’ve had to do it before and it was excruciating. Granted, it was her dog who damaged the book, but still.

the shadow of the wind6. The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

I’ve made the mistake, with The Shadow of the Wind, of lending it out to people to read and have sense decided to stop doing so. For one, a lot of people never seem to finish it–for shame–and for two, I used to have two copies of this book. I no longer do because one of my friends never gave it back. Needless to say, I don’t really speak to them anymore. So, largely as a result of past experiences with this very novel, I don’t let anyone touch my copy anymore. It’s too precious.

5. Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

Scarlet is my least favorite novel in the series and therefore the lowest on my list of non-touch books for others in this series. It’s also signed, also a first edition, and the completion to a set of amazing books that sit on my shelf right now. Admittedly, I’d be more inclined to let someone touch this book before any of the others, but it’s still one of those that needs protecting. And the only reason I have it is because an amazing bookblogger offered to get it signed for me when she went to see Marissa Meyer last year. I could have cried and will forever be exceedingly grateful.

4. Cinder by Marissa Meyer

I’ve really just ordered all of the books from The Lunar Chronicles that no one is allowed to touch in order of which ones I love the most. Naturally, that begins with Cress, moves on to Winter, and then comes down to Cinder. As Cress is the single character in this world that I am most like and Thorne is my all time favorite character, it’s really no wonder that this is the order it goes in. I obviously have to stick with my girl first.

lunar chronicles signed

3. Winter by Marissa Meyer

Winter is another first edition from The Lunar Chronicles that I have managed to get a signed copy of and therefore it is also on the no-touch list for literally everyone and everything in existence that is not me. I’ve had this book since it’s release date and it was actually the first book in the series that I was able to get a signed copy of. And in that respect, it’s pretty special to me. Also, since I have a complete set of the series signed, of course no one is allowed to touch it.

2. Cress by Marissa Meyer

Cress is my favorite novel in The Lunar Chronicles series. It is also the only novel from that series that I own an ARC of. Naturally, I also have a signed copy of this book which is wonderfully a first edition. So, basically…no one can touch this book. I have a third copy, a paperback, that I’m willing to lend out to friends since I think everyone should have a chance to read this book series. But, for the most part, I’m immensely protective of these books. They are simply far too precious for me to trust anyone else with them. At least, not unless they’re also book lovers that understand the necessity of protecting such books.

eragon1. Eragon by Christopher Paolini

Eragon is probably the single book I own that I would never, in any way shape or form, let anyone else touch. Not even my boyfriend, really, is to be trusted with this book. In fact, when I pack it up for moving, I always ensure that I know which box this particular book is in as it is basically the most important book I own. Now, I know it might be kind of silly because Eragon isn’t my favorite book anymore, but it’s the book that has followed me through my childhood and into adulthood. I’ve had this book since I was very young, one that I had borrowed from my Aunt and was eventually gifted because I kept borrowing it. I read this book through the day the first time I stayed home sick from school, it was the book that my mother took from me the first time she grounded me in a way that actually upset me, and it is utterly falling apart. My copy of Eragon is probably my most prized possession. It’s not signed, it’s not in great condition, but it is a book that means more to me than anything else. And this is actually a three for one situation because no one is allowed to touch my Eragon ARC or the signed copy I own, either.

And that’s all, folks! I hope you enjoyed the list and have a happy week of reading!

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4 thoughts on “No Touchy My Books; Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Your copy of Eragon looks like mine! The cover just isn’t strong haha but mine is well read as well 🙂 I even got it signed last year at comic con (he didn’t comment on how beat up it was 😂 ) so now it is even more special to me!


  2. This is an amazing post! I enjoyed myself a lot while reading it. I agree with you, if you damage your own books that’s fine, but people shouldn’t damage other people’s books. The Paper Towns edition looks really fun to own, and I understand what you mean about Eragon. I also have some books that could be considered to be mundane but to me, they mean the world. I didn’t enjoy Scarlet as much as I would’ve either, but Cinder was awesome and your signed copies look gorgeous.


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