I probably requested more than I should have today, but on the bright—I guess?—side, one of them was denied this afternoon. I gotta give the publisher credit for timeliness. It’s been a fairly long day and I don’t fully feel as though I’ve really gotten nearly enough done. And where reading is concerned, I certainly haven’t done a whole lot. But I’m really excited about these books, particularly the first one which is a commentary on racism, even if they are decreasing my ratio.

the black mageThe fact that the main character of this book is called Tom Token was the choice that ultimately caught my attention. A graphic novel that boldly addresses truths about racism, this is a book I am truly eager to keep reading.

find me their bonesA fantasy tale about a girl condemned to death because she betrayed the king in order to save his life; there’s a bit more to it, of course, but this is the piece that got me to request it. Unfortunately, this is the one that was rejected.

this is how you lose the time warThis was a wish book, so chances are it probably won’t be one I get an ARC for.

the resurrectionist of caligoAs a Victorian-era fantasy noir, this is a pretty unusual request on my end, but the mix of science and sorcery is something I can’t help wanting to give a chance.

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