the wendy audiobookIt was just a short time ago that I wrote about this book and the fact that it would soon have an audiobook to accompany the other formats through which it is available. Well, today’s the day that The Wendy has been released in audiobook format! Ironically, I’d completely forgotten about this until I got an e-mail this morning to remind me, so I imagine that anyone who read my last post probably forgot as well. Read by Henrietta Meire, if you’re interested you can pick it up from Amazon or Audible (though I suppose that’s basically the same thing, lol). It’s not very expensive and while I cannot yet attest to how good the audiobook is—though I will know soon!—I can say that the book itself is fantastic and not one to miss out on.

Also, if you’re the sort who, like me, doesn’t always have money for this sort of thing, the authors are giving away a free audiobook, which you can enter here!

Good luck and happy reading everyone!

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