Well, I have to laugh today because I’ve clearly requested far more books than I can handle and here I am again commentating on another batch of books that I’ve recently added to my request list on NetGalley. I have a problem, clearly, and not the slightest idea how to fix it. I suppose, in the future, I might attempt to be a little bit more selective about the books I request? Regardless, I’m down to 69%, so looking to increase that as soon as possible. Hopefully I’ll manage to get in a few reviews later today.

nordic tales
I like mythology. Always have. And this cover was just too pretty to pass up, don’t you think? I might have to buy it just based on that alone.

This one I requested for just about the same reason as I requested the one above: mythology. Of course, the author played a small part in this one, lol.

the cabinet of linguistic curiosities
Eeep!! Doesn’t this book sound amazing? I might cry if I get rejected.

Honestly, all you have to do to understand this choice is read the synopsis. It’s friggin’ hilarious and I just about died laughing. No, but seriously, go read it.

i am a feminist
I’m usually pretty eager to read books like this, especially since I was manipulated at a young age to think feminism was a bad thing by society. I definitely don’t want to see that happen to other girls.

something i'm good at
And finally, a guilty pleasure read that I probably shouldn’t have requested since there are a whole bunch of other books I need to read and teen romance isn’t something that I always enjoy. But, I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see for this one!

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2 thoughts on “Mythology, Linguistics, Feminism, and a Hilarious Fantasy Retelling; Recent NetGalley Requests

  1. I have become much more choosy these days on Netgalley, but your requests are so intriguing 👍👍👍 I’ll check them out too …


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