the waking forestI honestly have no idea what the purpose of The Waking Forest by Alyssa Wees actually is. There’s something about a forest that disappears, a witch who lives in the forest and dreams of children who beg her to grant their wishes. I wonder if this leads into some creepy territory or if the witch actually wants to grant wishes? I honestly don’t think whoever wrote this synopsis did a good job of selling the book because I’m left feeling thoroughly unsure about whether or not I actually want to read it. Put simply, it just isn’t telling me enough about the plot. Or potential plot? I don’t even know what the anything has to do with anything else from reading it and, frankly, that just leaves me with the feeling that I don’t particularly care all too much about whether or not I read it. I’m not invested in the characters, I don’t have a lot of questions in my mind that make me want to pick up the book. Rather, I’m left feeling like the only question is, “what is this book even about?” And that, in my opinion, is not a good way for a book to start. It doesn’t keep my attention and it barely even manages to get it in the first place.

The waking forest has secrets. To Rhea, it appears like a mirage, dark and dense, at the very edge of her backyard. But when she reaches out to touch it, the forest vanishes. She’s desperate to know more—until she finds a peculiar boy who offers to reveal its secrets. If she plays a game.
To the Witch, the forest is her home, where she sits on her throne of carved bone, waiting for dreaming children to beg her to grant their wishes. One night, a mysterious visitor arrives and asks her what she wishes for, but the Witch sends him away. And then the uninvited guest returns.
The strangers are just the beginning. Something is stirring in the forest, and when Rhea’s and the Witch’s paths collide, a truth more treacherous and deadly than either could ever imagine surfaces. But how much are they willing to risk to survive?

How are you feeling so far, now that you’ve read my commentary and had a chance to look at the synopsis? Do you think this is a book for you? Would you rather pass? Do you feel like you understand more about the plot than I do? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments!

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