100,000 Baby NamesThere are honestly so many books out there that go over baby names that there has to be something unique about them for the book to really stand out. And, truthfully, 100,000 Baby Names by Bruce Lansky didn’t really stand out all that much for me. For the most part, the only unique thing I really saw within this book was the inclusion of a bunch of different lists regarding the popularity of names for girls and boys within the recent years and I do feel that is something I could have gotten from a baby name website or a baby name app. As someone who generally frequents baby name applications and websites in order to find character names, I will admit that this book was somewhat difficult to find useful and I personally don’t care all that much about what names were popular during which years. In fact, the only way I can see myself caring about that is if I don’t want my kid to have a name that everyone else has, but it’d be hard to determine that anyway.

There were a large number of names in this book, which I did appreciate. The last baby name book that I read didn’t have nearly as many. This is quite useful in terms of finding the right name for your child if you’re looking to have a lot of options, though if you’re really looking to compare only a few names it might feel superfluous as you continue to read. There are 100,000 baby names included throughout this book, after all. Names are ordered alphabetically after you get through the pages of lists–which admittedly can be somewhat annoying if they’re not what you’re looking for.

All in all, I definitely see this book as useful, but I don’t think it stands out all that much among the plethora of other baby name books that are out there. Off the top of my head, there is really only one baby name book out there that I have come across in the past that really stands out among all the others and that is because it was focused on offering gender neutral names for children.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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