the prince and the dressmakerSo, funny thing. I don’t own this book anymore. Recently, a friend of mine at work moved several states over in order to start a new (and hopefully better) job. And, as a going away present, I gifted him my copy of The Prince and the Dressmakerby Jen Wang. I have to admit, part of me misses this wonderful book and I know I’ll have to get myself a new copy at some point in the future. We’ll see when that is since I always seem to procrastinate these things. But I do really adore this graphic novel. It’s one of the best I’ve ever read and one of the few I actually went out and bought for myself. There’s so much to appreciate about the fantastic story, the brilliant characters, and did I mention that exceptional artwork? Yeah, The Prince and the Dressmaker is a book worth screaming about.

Set in a sort of modern, fantasy version of France, The Prince and the Dressmaker follows a young dressmaker as she is hired to create extravagant clothing for none other than the prince himself who enjoys dressing up as a woman in his free time and going out in this disguise in public. Of course, due to the pressures of his high position as a prince and therefore heir to the kingdom, this love of his has to be kept as a tight secret. Of course, since the dressmaker has aspirations beyond simply creating beautiful clothes for the prince to wear, it soon becomes a point of contention between them. This is a lovely story and if you’ve not read it yet, you’re doing a disservice to yourself.

I wrote a review some time back for this amazing graphic novel, which you can read here if you’re feeling up to it. Otherwise, get your mouse clicking on over to Goodreads because this is a book that definitely belongs on everyone’s TBR and then subsequently their Read shelf.

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