love Passenger so much. I mean, I can’t even really find the words at the moment for just how much I love Passenger. So, it’s no question that this is my five star read. Paper Towns happens to be my all time favorite John Green book– personally, I don’t know what’s up with all of you who think Looking for Alaska is better, ugh–and then there’s my guilty pleasure, but definitely destroyed Urusla’s character disappointment of Part of Your World.

Perfect You was just a very meh book, though I do have to admit that I’m probably being a bit harsh with The Pearl, but I just cannot stand John Steinbeck’s writing. Time and time again, I am just disgusted with his stories. Though, I suppose that’s sort of the point and I recognize now, where I did not when I was much younger, that there are important messages within the books that he’s written. But I just hated them. I hated everything about it. And finally, just give me that fox book. I want it, I need it. I love foxes so much.

5 Star P Read:


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paper towns

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part of your world

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perfect you

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the pearl

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