This is the first week I’ve ever managed to write an equal number of reviews for the number of books I’ve read! And that, in and of itself is pretty exciting. I’m rather proud of this, especially since I don’t see it ever happening often. All in all, this past week has been one of my best and while I’d be thoroughly impressed with myself if I managed to write more reviews than books read and still have read a decent amount of them, I still feel very pleased with this week’s work. This is also the first week in which the title of this post includes a book title, partially because I was impressed with the boldness of the story, but also because it’s a graphic novel I’d love to hear more opinions of.

100,000 Baby Names [Bruce Lansky]
Early Readers Sampler [Learner Publishing Group]
Cinder [Marissa Meyer]
Grease Bats [Archie Bongiovanni]

A short list of other reviews I wrote this past week:

Snack, Snooze, Skedaddle [Laura Purdie Salas]
Charcoal Boys [Roger Mello]
Raven’s Gate [Anthony Horowitz]
La Isabela; Jakob Kayne [Sylvian Runberg]
All Eyes On Us [Kit Frick]
Our Future [Janet Wilson]

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