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This is a thoroughly subjective opinion, and one that was actually rather difficult for me to determine the majority of. You see, each year had its own share of amazing books and there were several times when I was going through them that I found myself struggling to determine which one deserved the “best” title most. Ultimately, here is my list for the best books published in the last ten years with one for each year, at least as far as the ones I’ve read go.

10. 2009:


Honestly, if anyone were to tell me that they’d read this book and didn’t like it, I would be utterly baffled. There’s so much to love about this alternate reality of WWI and to this day I still find this book extremely impressive. I adore everything about it, from the amazing writing, the fantastic characters, to the absolutely gorgeous illustrations. Needless to say, this book will be a beloved one on my shelf for the rest of time.

9. 2010:


The conclusion to a riveting and amazing series that, to this day, is still misinterpreted and misunderstood. Honestly, I cannot get over how a book that criticizes the frivolousness of the media and a government’s work to mask their wrongdoings by presenting the populace with entertainment is immediately received by the public alongside the question “are you team Peeta or team Gale?” It’s really quite infuriating. The deeper meaning of this series was so important and so amazing. And yet a significant number of the people in our society are acting just like the capitol does as they watch The Hunger Games. Shame.

8. 2011:


Delirium‘s brilliance lies within its premise and I was blown away by it the very first moment I picked up this book. A society where love is a disease? And not just any disease, but a disease that needs to be eradicated? I was so on board with this dystopian plot and so it’s no wonder that this book, which was executed marvelously, has found a place on this list.

7. 2012:


I really don’t even know where to begin with OblivionThe Gatekeepers is such an amazing series and the end to it was absolutely perfect. I still feel somewhat overwhelmed when I think of this book because the biggest thing I can recall about it is the fact that, once I had finished reading all five books in the series–consecutively and within a week–I felt bloody exhausted. And for me, that’s a sign of a really good book that’s made you think.

6. 2013:

all our yesterdays

The biggest piece of information about All Our Yesterdays that I can give you is the fact that it is an emotional as hell ride that involves time travel. And frankly, anything more than that would spoil the novel. Believe me when I tell you that this book is phenomenal and something you should pick up and read as soon as you possibly can. You won’t regret it. The whole thing is mind-blowingly amazing.

5. 2014:


I think it’s important to note that this was very nearly Cress and the fact that it isn’t says a lot about the level of brilliance in Kepnes’ You. I mean, Cress is my absolute, all time favorite book. And for me to say that this book was the better one published this year means a lot. It’s not the book I prefer to read, or reread. It’s not a book I left feeling as though I loved the characters. It doesn’t make me feel deeply connected in massive ways. But damn, was this well written and impressive.

4. 2015:


Honestly, I’m surprised that Winter is the only Marissa Meyer book that made it onto this list. It seems kind of blasphemous, really, considering the fact that she is my all time favorite author. And yes, I gave up labeling Cress as the best novel of 2015, which is blasphemous as well, in favor of the brilliant, horrifying, and exhausting book You by Caroline Kepnes. But let’s just say we all know that each book from The Lunar Chronicles are my favorites of the year regardless.

3. 2016:


This one was actually an incredibly hard choice and I very nearly chose Nevernight by Jay Kristoff because of how brilliantly amazing that novel is, but the truth is that I was more engaged with Curio at the end of the day and though both have their merits and both are amazing, I was more fascinated with the world of Curio than I was with the world of Nevernight. 

2. 2017:


I can’t decide which book in this series I like best, Passenger or Wayfarer, but I can tell you without any doubt in my mind that they are both amazing. And since the books I’ve read published in this year couldn’t quite compare with the brilliance of this series, it’s no surprise that you see this book here on my list.

1. 2018:

the enchanted sonata

The Enchanted Sonata was such an amazing work and completely stole the show for me last year with how much I loved it. And frankly, if you like the story of the Nutcracker and you haven’t read this book, you really should consider picking it up. It’s the best retelling I’ve ever read.

And that’s all for this week! Happy reading, everyone!

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