For some reason I thought that I’d requested more today, but it looks like it’s actually a smaller number than I thought. But I still definitely need to cut back because even one book a day is a lot. I’m thinking that I might have to take a hiatus or just figure out a way to say no to some of these books. Fortunately, I don’t get approved for all of them, so at least that’s a bright side to things. I never imagined I’d be happy to get a rejection for a book I requested, and yet here we are.

knightmare arcanist
Honestly, this book just sounded really cool. The Knightmare is a creature and there’s this guy that the main character idolizes who actually turns out to be the villain. What’s not to be excited about?

all politics is local
I almost didn’t bother requesting this one. But the thing that really changed my mind is the fact that I feel hopeless about the world and I need someone to help me see that there’s really something I can do to make things better than they are now. I don’t know if I’ll be getting that from this book, but hope sounds like a good thing right about now.

I don’t like the cover, but the discussion of how women are shamed for their looks–whether they cover up or not–is one that I always want to be a part of.

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