sailor moon 2This volume of Sailor Moon has both my favorite part ever and a part that breaks my heart in two. While much of my love for the second volume in the series does somewhat come from nostalgia, I genuinely do find that Volume 2 is one of the more entertaining ones. There’s a lot of fun that comes from the tension between Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask as well as Usagi and Mamoru. As a reader you know that they are the same people which only makes it all the more exciting to see the different interactions that they have with one another, especially when it comes to the fact that they are both on a quest for the Silver Crystal. And, despite the obvious romantic tension, readers are really left somewhat unaware of Tuxedo Mask’s intentions regarding the crystal.

Both my favorite part and the part I find the saddest involve these two characters, but they are not the only exciting bits that happen in this Volume. The Moon Princess is revealed as Sailor V arrives, and while I do believe it is fairly obvious from the get go just who the Moon Princess actually is, I do love the plot behind Sailor Venus and how she works to protect Serenity. Volume 2 happens to be one of my favorites out of the entire series, having set up the characters already and given me a few reasons to root for particular characters and happiness within their lives. I do find that, sometimes, the villains within the series are rather awkward and strange but I do have to admit that I grew to appreciate and like the Four Kings.

Overall, Sailor Moon Volume 2 is definitely within the top three for my list of most enjoyable chapters to the story of these characters. In fact, it’s quite possible that it holds the top spot. I still think the whole thing is a bit cheesy, but I can’t help the childhood nostalgia that causes me to gravitate toward the story and loving the characters who are a part of it.


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