misfitsI’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t really like Misfits by Jen Calonita all that much. And it’s kind of quite a shame because that cover really did leave me feeling as though I’d be reading a fun, quirky book about fairy tale characters. Instead, I got a bunch of cliches, characters I didn’t enjoy reading about, and nothing much interesting for a plot since it was all quite predictable. The truth is, this book just wasn’t for me. I cannot say for sure whether I’d be more forgiving if I had read it when I were much younger, but something tells me no. There are simply much better books out there that follow this sort of general story-line, The School for Good and Evil, for example that I’d rather spend my time reading instead of this book or the series it belongs to.

A novel centered around a young girl whose been sent of to the Royal Academy in order to basically become another princess against her desires as her own personal dream is to be the magical equivalent of a veterinarian. It includes all kinds of throwbacks to old fairytales we all know and love, though I personally believed it to be rather poorly portrayed. Of course, there’s a quirky villain–you’ll know who they are pretty quickly, I think–and the main character is meant to be a strong-willed fighter, but frankly it all seemed rather over the top.

If you’re curious to see the rest of my thoughts on this book, feel free to check out my review for it and if, at the end of the day, you’re actually curious about it as a whole, drop by the Goodreads page and give it a look over. See what you think. As always, I wish you all happy readings!

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